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Pam McIntire, LPC, NCC

   Pam McIntire is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor who counsels adults, teens, parents, and children. She offers individual counseling as well as support for parents and adolescents negotiating the teen years. 

   Pam is an interactive, solution-focused
therapist who provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address challenges. Her therapeutic approach integrates a variety of mental health theories and disciplines and is tailored to each individual’s strengths and needs. Pam’s goal is to help you access your own strengths and wisdom to overcome difficulties. At the same time, she teaches practical skills and uses research-based interventions to promote optimum wellness. With compassion and understanding, she focuses on helping clients overcome challenges.

   Pam completed her counseling graduate degrees (M.Ed. and Ed.S.) at the University of Virginia. Pam has lived in the Charlottesville area for over twenty years.  She and her husband have two college-age sons.

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