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Wendy Summer, LPC, NCC

    Wendy Summer is a licensed professional counselor and nationally certified counselor who works with teens and adults. She brings nonjudgment, compassion and humor to her work as well as an appreciation for the unique abilities of each client.

    Wendy has a relational, wellness-based style and works with clients to tap into their own strengths. Rather than seeing problems through a lens of dysfunction, Wendy believes that we all have an inborn ability to change and that counseling, at its best, puts us on the path of growth and positive change.

    Wendy’s goal is to create a secure, supportive counseling relationship that allows for safe exploration of issues. Current research in neuroscience supports the premise of this approach: that the plasticity of the brain (what Wendy calls “our inborn ability to change”) coupled with the power of a positive relationship enhance the development of higher brain function and the regulation of emotions and stress. In short, a positive, responsive, safe relationship produces chemicals and hormones that support healing (source:

    Wendy Summer is a mediator, former school counselor, and a former journalist. She incorporates AEDP, or Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, into her work ( Wendy received her counseling degrees from the University of Virginia. Wendy is mother and stepmother to four boys, ages 13 to 21, and lives with her husband and boys in Charlottesville.

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